Knoxville Leadership Foundation / HCS Mechanical Contractors #22-15

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Housing Crisis, Heating and Air

When the eviction moratorium that was in place during COVID ended, a lot of people didn’t know their unpaid back rent would still come due. Couple that with the escalating cost of rent in the area and many area residents find themselves on the verge of a housing crisis. What can you do if you’re about to lose your home? The Knoxville Leadership Foundation matches churches, businesses and organizations with resources to persons with needs in order to find solutions. Two guests from KLF programs join Dawn in the first hour of this episode to share options for people facing eviction.

Then, Jim Mikels, founder and owner of HCS Mechanical Contractors sits down with Dawn to discuss HVAC installation, service and repair.


Guests this episode:
7:00am  Gina Whitmore, Compassion Coalition
              Jay Zartman, Operation Backyard
8:00am  Jim Mikels, Jr., HCS Mechanical Contractors

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