Get Your Home Spring Ready!

Can we take a moment to celebrate that it is officially Spring?

The changing of seasons seems to signify it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work Around The House. We’ve compiled a checklist of items we hope you find helpful as you get your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living space ready for Spring!


A Spring Ready Kitchen:

  • Take a look at your sink and if you see any cracked or peeling caulk, you might want to consider having it replaced.
  • Pull out your refrigerator and clean up any dust that has accumulated over the course of the year.
  • If you have a bunch of photos and flyers hanging on the refrigerator, take a moment to go through them and remove any outdated ones and replace with a cute new photo.
  • Give your countertops some love. There are many different types of countertops so here are some tips on how to clean each type of surface:
    • Wood Countertops should be cleaned with a solution of warm water with a splash of vinegar. If you’ve got any built-up residue, gently scrape it with a spatula before cleaning.
    • For Granite Countertops warm water and dish soap are your best bet. Finish with a wipe down using a microfiber towel to bring out the shine.
    • For Quartz Countertops, warm water and mild dish soap are also recommended. If you find any staining, give glass cleaner and a nonabrasive sponge a try.


  • Move on to your cabinets and instead of using a chemical cleaner, we recommend that you use a mixture of hot water with dishwashing soap or vinegar poured into a spray bottle. You don’t want to soak your cabinets, so you spray a rag until it’s damp and then wipe down each cabinet. If you run into any grooves or trim that is hard to get clean with a rag, an old toothbrush should do the trick! Finally, give them a once over with a rag dampened in plain water and then be sure to dry them with a soft dry cloth!
  • Spruce up the space with some new kitchen towels and potholders is spring colors and maybe add a bowl of seasonal fruit to the nook table or countertop!


A Spring Ready Bathroom:

  • Your bathroom gives you more sinks to inspect for cracked or peeling caulk. Take a look at showers, bathtubs too, and replace any caulking that needs to be replaced.
  • It’s a good time to descale your shower head by using a rubber band to secure a plastic bag filled with white vinegar to the showerhead and leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and run the hot water. If you find any stubborn build-up, scrub it with an old toothbrush or toothpick.
  • Tackle drains next! Clear out all the yucky things that build up and cause it to run slow by sprinkling in 4 tablespoons of baking soda, followed by 2 cups of white vinegar. Once the bubbling stops, flush with boiling water.
  • To make your bathroom really sparkle, clean the grout. To create a good do-it-yourself cleaner mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to form a thick paste. Spread the paste on your grout using an old toothbrush and let it soak for 5 – 10 minutes. Then use a toothbrush with firm bristles to scrub the area and then wipe it clean with a damp towel.
  • If you are looking to spruce up the space, consider replacing the shower curtains and towels for a fresh spring look!


Get Set For Outdoor Springtime Fun:

  • Take a stroll outside of your home and be on the lookout for tripping hazards. Check for uneven walkways, loose banisters or stairs that have damage. Make sure you attend to any needed repairs before you invite any guests over for entertaining.
  • Clean your gutters & downspouts. Remove any debris so that all water can be properly diverted away from your home.
  • Remove and clear away any damaged tree branches that are close to your home, fence or other structures.
  • Trim back any bushes that have overgrown, especially around your HVAC units, windows, and doors.
  • Sweep or blow away any leaves and debris. Take some time to pull the weeds and then turn over and replace mulch as needed.
  • Clean your outdoor furniture and light fixtures.
    • For most types of outdoor furniture, warm water with dish soap will do the trick, while taking a pressure washer to your furniture may be tempting, it could damage the finish.
    • When cleaning light fixtures, focus on safety first! Make sure the power supply is off and avoid getting water in the light socket. Again, warm water with dish soap is your new BFF but be prepared with an old toothbrush to help you scrub off the tough spots.
  • Add some special touches to make your outdoor space more welcoming. Placing a potted plant, some decorative pillows, or some special illumination such as a candle or a string of lights can really transform the space and get it ready for entertaining!