Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips

outdoor decorating tips

There is a part of all of us that wants a house like the Griswold’s at Christmas. Outdoor Christmas displays that make your home a sought-after stop on the unofficial Christmas light tour in your community.

Here are some Christmas decorating ideas and tips this season.


When you think of outside Christmas decorations, lights are typically the first thing that comes to mind. You can choose to go with traditional string lights, pathway lights or even projectors to add a festive touch. Here are some tips for safely and effectively installing lights.

  • Make a plan – Where will you put your lights and who will be installing them? Should you hire an installation company for safety reasons?
  • Buy and/or Test Lights – Make sure these can be used outside and test them in advance.
  • Supplies – You may need ladders, hooks or other items to afix the lights to your home.
  • Safety – Make sure you have ample electrical outlets and are not overloading any one source.


Greenery and Textiles

Another way to decorate your outdoor spaces is have outdoor pillows and blankets that fit the season or color scheme. Use greenery to create beautiful mailbox decorations and entry ways.  For the best results, use these tips.

  • Use textiles that are durable and made for the outdoors as winter can be harsh.
  • Use bows and wire to make pretty greenery garlands and mailbox decorations with things found in your yard such as pine boughs, pinecones, Holly bushes and beautiful tree leaves such as the Magnolia.
  • Consider all of winter – if you choose color schemes over characters, you can leave your outdoor décor up throughout the winter rather than just for Christmas.


Christmas is a magical time of year where you can let your imagination go wild. Let your festive imagination run wild as you plan to decorate your outdoor spaces for the season. Remember to have a  plan in place, the proper outdoor tools and always be safe.

Vince Thompson