Creative Holiday Living Space Ideas To Liven Up Your Home This Season

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Everyone wants to make their house extra cozy for the holidays. Here are some ideas on how to arrange and decorate your living space for the holidays to maximize your themed décor.


Changing out the couch and bedding in your home is a fun way to add more holidays into your living space. Give your nonseasonal pillows and blankets a good wash and a break and go wild with themed blankets and pillows. This will add so much cozy texture and cheer to your home, it will be hard to go back to your everyday textiles.  Don’t forget to find a seasonal tablecloth too!

Beverage Stations

Year-round beverage stations such as bar carts and coffee nooks are great areas to create seasonal cheer. Changing out stemware and mugs and adding seasonal flavored coffees and liquors will have you and your guests tasting the season!  Additionally, these spaces are excellent places to tuck in a few decorations or some lights.

Art and Furniture

Don’t be afraid to store furniture that is not needed to make room for your holiday trees, wreaths and villages. Additionally, why not buy some seasonal art? You don’t need to make additional holes in your wall, just switch out a few hanging pictures with seasonal ones and enjoy the new view while you sip hot cocoa by the fire.

Candles and Wax Melts

Candles are an inexpensive way to surround yourself with the smells of the holidays. Buy all the scents you love and change them out as you desire throughout the entire holiday season.

There are so many creative ways to celebrate this holiday season! Use your imagination and go wild with seasonal holiday décor. It will be hard to go back to everyday life!