A Kitchen Just For You! A Recap Of Current Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen upgrade? Helping homeowners create a kitchen that is open, trendy, and customized is what we do here at Master Remodelers. We thought it might be helpful to share some of the current kitchen trends we’ve been seeing. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired and add some of our ideas to your dream kitchen inspiration board!

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets
All-white kitchens will always be in style however we have been seeing a huge increase in kitchen cabinets in vivid hues. From kitchens where all the cabinets are in colorful hues to kitchens with a brightly colored center island with all-white or wood cabinets in the rest of the kitchen, we think colorful kitchen cabinets are here to stay!

Blue And Green Kitchens
The most common colors we are seeing in kitchens are blues with green undertones. We love the trend toward deep hues. They add a wow factor yet still provide a classic feel that doesn’t give off a vibe that is too trendy!

Kitchen Storage Drawers
Another big trend is using kitchen drawers for smarter storage. Drawers with built in storage for utensils are the things kitchen dreams are made of! Lower kitchen drawers are amazing for storage because they glide open and make finding items stored in the back easier. No more crouching down and pulling out the flashlight to find the pot or pan you need!

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Master Remodelers has been transforming kitchens (and bathrooms) throughout East Tennessee for over 20 years. We love helping homeowners complete their kitchen remodels and increase the value of their homes. If you are ready to have a conversation about your project, remember that experience matters! Give Master Remodelers a call, we can’t wait to hear from you.