Halloween Decor Hacks: Cost Friendly Spooktacular DIY Ideas!

MR DIY Halloween

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone not tweaking their personal spending these days. With costs rising, many of us are making spending sacrifices to make it all work, but just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun of holiday decorating! It just means you get to be a little more creative.  Live the season to its fullest and stay on budget with a few tips on frugal Halloween decorating.

Get Crafty

Search the internet for clever dollar store decorating hacks. With a hot glue gun and a few items from the dollar store, you can create décor that looks way more expensive than the few dollars you likely spent on it.  Crafting is a great idea too, it not only gets your house looking trick-or-treat ready, but it also gets you in the mood for the season.  Find creative ways to use ribbon and lights in seasonal colors to give your house a spooky makeover.

Get Resourceful

Keep your ears open to anyone wanting to offload some of their décor for free or super cheap. You may score some amazing deals on items that would otherwise break your budget.  There are entire social media groups dedicated to garage sale items and even ‘buy nothing’ groups where people just want to declutter their homes. Don’t shy away from a few chips or scratches – especially for Halloween décor. Use some elbow grease and your imagination to upcycle old items to give it new Halloween purpose.  Old candlesticks and some fake cobwebs can become a haunted candelabra in no time flat. Wreathes and pictures can be altered to fit your Halloween theme with a few items from the dollar store. Don’t be afraid to think outside the coffin!

Get Creative

The last challenge is to use items around your house to create Halloween décor. Empty milk jugs with faces drawn on them and a few cracked glowsticks can create an inviting walk for any candy-seeking goblin. Use black garbage bags, filled with recycled paper or newspaper to create terrifying, larger-than-life spiders that can sit on porches, bushes, and even rooftops.  Think decorating meets recycling and see what items you have around the house that can be repurposed for the season.

Decorating does not have to be expensive. With a little creativity and some vision, you can see your Halloween decorating dreams come true. So don’t be shy to grab some discount items, look for hand-me-downs and search your houses for items to make your home spookier than ever before!