We Go The Extra Mile To Keep Your Knoxville Home Protected, Safe & Clean During A Remodel

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If you’re a homeowner in Knoxville, Tennessee, and ready to tackle a remodeling project, you are no doubt hoping to experience a stress-free project. While completing a remodel without any stress may not be possible, there are ways we do our best to go the extra mile. We wanted to share with you some of the steps the team at Master Remodeler takes to keep your home safe, protected, and clean during your kitchen or bath remodel.


Dust Prevention

Any remodeling project is going to create a fair amount of dust. We take extra precautions to ensure that we keep any dust created during the remodeling project contained to the space in which we are working rather than being trailed throughout your home. To prevent dust, Master Remodeler does the following on every job site:

  • Zip Walls – We put up airtight dust barriers to block off the area of your home being remodeled from the rest of the home. For rooms that we will have to enter and exit frequently, we erect zip walls so that they can create an airtight seal but still allow for traffic to come into and out of the space.
  • Air Scrubbers – In addition to adding dust barriers we utilize an Air Scrubber that has both dust and hepa filters to make the air inside your home as clean as possible during the project.
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Obviously, a remodeling project creates a considerable amount of refuse that needs to be thrown out. Every job site will need to have a dumpster however, we do what we can to ensure that having a dumpster at your home is as painless as possible. Some of the extra steps we take include:

  • Protect Your Driveway – When a dumpster is delivered to a home, sometimes during the process of putting the dumpster in place, the driveway can become scraped, scratched, or damaged. We go the extra mile to ensure that your driveway is protected. We place OSB (oriented strand board) on the driveway at the front and back of the dumpster to protect your property from possible damage.
  • Size Of Dumpster We do our best to size the dumpster properly for the job so that you don’t have to look at a large, dirty, unsightly dumpster every day during the remodeling project. We also only work with reputable vendors to ensure that the dumpster parked in your driveway is clean and not banged up.
  • Bonus For You – The best part is that when the job is done and if there is room in the dumpster, we always allow the homeowners to fill the extra space! So, it becomes the perfect time to clean out your attic, basement, or garage and toss stuff out!

Portable Toilets

We are often asked by our clients why we bring portable toilets to each job site. It is important to us that our customers’ homes are protected, safe, and clean. Below is why Master Remodelers requires portable toilets for each job site:

  • Cleanliness Many people think of portable toilets and picture something smelly and unsightly. Today’s port-a-potties are very well kept and serviced on a regular basis. We talked earlier in the blog about the precautions we take to ensure that there is minimal dust throughout your home during a remodeling project. Having portable toilets on the job site is one of the ways we go the extra mile to keep your home clean. With these placed on the job site, you do not have workers tracking dusty footprints throughout your home.
  • Respect Of Your Space – Anyone working on your remodeling project does not need to be in parts of your home where there is no work occurring (such as spare bathrooms). One of the ways we show respect for your home and your space is to provide a portable toilet.


Final thoughts from the Master Remodelers

We want to do all we can to ensure that your remodeling experience is as stress free as possible. At Master Remodelers, we go the extra mile to make sure that our Knoxville, Tennessee customer’s homes are protected during a remodeling project. We have been lending our expertise to homeowners throughout East Tennessee for over 20 years. If you are looking to partner with a contractor for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, please give us a call at 865-221-7188. We would love to speak with you!