October is Fire Prevention Month – Let’s Talk Kitchen Fire Safety!

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October is Fire Prevention Month and this week we would like to take a moment to focus on safety in the kitchen. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) the #1 place home fires start is in the kitchen so let’s talk fire safety. Below are a few of our favorite fire safety tips for the kitchen: 

  • If You Are Cooking, Stay in the Kitchen
    • If you are frying, boiling, grilling, or broiling food, do not leave the kitchen. If you need to leave, please turn the burners off.
    • If you are baking, or roasting do not leave the house. 
    • Make sure you return to the kitchen regularly to check on your meal. It is easy to get distracted so one tip we like is to set a timer to remind you to return to the kitchen! 
  • Pay Attention To What You Are Wearing when you cook and dress appropriately. Loose clothing, scarves or long sleeves can catch fire.
  • Avoid Drowsy Or Drunk Cooking. If you have had a long day and are overtired perhaps cooking is not the best idea. It is also not a good idea to cook when you have been drinking. Our favorite tip is to enjoy yourself and order takeout!
  • A Neat Kitchen Is A Safe Kitchen. 
    • Keep towels, food wrappers, oven mitts, wooden spoons, and any paper products (such as plates, paper towels or napkins) away from the stove top. 
    • Keep cords away from the stove and the edge of the counter.
  • Just In Case. It is important to be prepared that should a fire break out in your kitchen; you have the tools to keep your home and family safe. 
    • Be sure you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and that anyone who cooks, knows how to use it.
    • Keep a lid close by so that if a small grease fire occurs, you can quickly put it out by sliding the lid over the pan and quickly turning off the burner. 
    • If a fire occurs in your oven or microwave, turn off the heat, keep the door closed and be sure to have the appliance serviced before you use it again!

Master Remodelers has been a part of the East Tennessee home remodeling scene for over 20 years. We love helping homeowners take care of their homes. We hope you found these kitchen fire safety tips helpful. If you are ever looking to partner with a contractor, renovate your home The Master Way and give us a call!